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Kefalonian lines offer daily ferry boat service from the port of Killyni to Kefalonia (Poros, Sami), Zakynthos, Ithaki as well as from the port of Patras to Sami(Kefalonia) - Ithaki.  

All routes are services daily by the modern ferry boats "Zakynthos I" and "Kefalonia". 


Travelers can find the latest available information about timetables, ticket prices and also buy their e-tickets to travel by clicking on the reservations link below. 


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Available Ferry Routes

Kyllini port to Kefalonia (Poros, Sami), Ithaki

Kyllini port to Zakynthos
Patras port to Sami, Ithaki (Pisaetos)

All routes are available one-way or round trip

By clicking above you get access to the most updated information that is relased by the shipping companies.  Please note that if you receive a NON-AVAILABILITY note, this means that either there is no availability of seats or no schedules have been released.  


If you have a question about your ferry travel with HellasFerries, please feel free to contact us!


Business Hours

Our support Hotline is available at: info (at) hellasferries.net

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