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dodekanisos ferries

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Dodekanisos ferries offers daily ferry boat service from the Rhodes to various island destinations (see available routes below).  Routes are serviced by the high speed ferries Dodekanisos Pride, Dodekanisos Express and the ferry boat Panagia Skiadeni which are new/renovated and can reach a max travel speeds.  Travelers can find the latest available information about timetables, ticket prices and also buy their e-tickets to travel by clicking on the reservations link below.


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Available Ferry Routes

Rhodes-Kastelorizo-Chalki-Tilos-Nisyros-Kos-Kalymnos-Leros-Patmos-Fournoi-Ikaria-Samos-Agathonisi (R/T)

All routes are available one-way or round trip

By clicking above you get access to the most updated information that is relased by the shipping companies.  Please note that if you receive a NON-AVAILABILITY note, this means that either there is no availability of seats or no schedules have been released. 

Domestic Ferries

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International Ferries

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